As Gary Glitter used to sing…

… hello, hello, I’m back again.

I’ve been off the blog for way too long, first due to a variety of pressures, but then, due to complications with WordPress.

I’ll spare you the colorful expletives about that experience, but I will share with you high praises for friends who made the time to help untangle things:   Patrix, a wonderful triage doc, stepped in, applied pressure to stop the bleeding and made an initial diagnosis, and then Madhu, the chef surgeon who, after a long and thorough consultation, identified the offending part, deftly sliced it off and replaced it with a better one.   (Madhu’s the chef par excellence and proprietor of Shiok and the lounge, Moss, in Bangalore.)

Heartfelt appreciation to both gents, and, boy am I happy to be back.

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