Blue Boy Launching Today

Last night, at the R Bar here in NYC, editor/cabaret singer/author/is there anything else this 28-year-old can’t do? Rakesh Satyal played charming host to well wishers there to count down to midnight when his debut novel, Blue Boy, officially  went on sale.   I am at an uncharacteristic loss for words to describe his Kirantastic azure ensemble last night and will hopefully get a pic up soon so you can see for yourself.

The often hilarious novel is the story of  a desi ‘tween boy growing up in Ohio, who has a flair for dance, drama and sneaking into his parents bathroom to try on his Mom’s make-up.   It is  a piercing portrayal of those awkward  years  that just about anyone will relate to (weren’t we all awkward at that age?), whether the reader is gay or straight, desi or not, and we’re escorted on this trip by Kiran, the protagonist, whose drole asides will often produce either silent nods of recognition or uncontrollable laughs, especially if you try and read a particularly funny passage to out loud to friends.

I couldn’t help but think while reading it that Blue Boy, with all it’s pop culture, music and TV references, would make a great film, a kind of The Namesake-meets-My-So-Called-Life-meets-The-Wonder-Years mash-up.

While no film deal has been agreed upon yet, Satyal confirms that there has been interest.

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