Bollywood Hero Rides the Bus

In the lead-up to the August debut of the IFC mini-series Bollywood Hero, images of Chris Kattan, Pooja Kumar and Neha Dhupia have started appearing on a variety of buses around NYC (in this case, one of the tourist doubledeckers, and they’re also gracing the side of NYAS airport-bound vehicles too):

IFC has also complied a nifty beginners guide to “the amazing output of the world’s largest film industry”, containing a “starter kit”, a multimedia timeline, a playlist of music that takes you over to Saavn’s website (and directly into a video of mera pyaare pyaare Govinda writhing on the dancefloor to Soni de Nakre, a Top 10 list of actors, a couple of articles to explain Hindi movies to newbies, and a feature called “We Asked a Bollywood Star”.

While some might quibble over how much of a “top star” Tanushree Dutta or Sanjay Suri is compared to others interviewed (Anil Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi), regardless, it is kinda’ interesting to see what influences (Bombay se aur Los Angeles se) the various actors cite.   De Niro, Pacino and The Godfather have a big following.

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