Abhay Deol interview

Here’s an interview with Abhay Deol appearing in today’s Firstpost that I did when he was here to promote Mela.com (more about them, their service and the event later). If explicit nudity helps the story, I’ll do it: Abhay Deol Clad in a yellow t-shirt, a navy Armani Exchange blazer and jeans, Abhay Deol breezed through […]

Waking Up to B’wood at the IFC Channel

Leading up to their August mini-series Bollywood Hero with Chris Kattan and Neha Dupia, the IFC Channel started a monthlong 12 weeklong Sunday morning screening of a recent Hindi movie, at 10am, called Wake Up to Bollywood. The debut flic on July 5th was Johnny Gaddar, to be followed by Bheja Fry, The Blue Umbrella, […]


Mozhi surprised me.   I don’t know what exactly  I was expecting, probably some sort of a love story, eventually  the  kalyanam at some wedding hall in Madras, women in saris and jasmine, and maybe a fight scene thrown in to keep the mens happy.   And honestly, the cover of the DVD was a […]

Finally, Jab We Met

Just missed the release of the DVD in India by a few days, and then once back here just couldn’t get around to it until now, but it was well worth the wait. Part road movie, all romance, Imtiaz Ali’s  Jab We Met seemed doomed when it released last October.   At the very same […]

What Sort of a Welcome is This?

  The first glimpse I caught of Anees Bazmi’s marrying-into-the-mafia caper Welcome was an ad on a small TV screen by a bank of elevators in an office park in Bombay, just before the film opened.   I normally wouldn’t rush to a movie like this, with all the promise of madcap slapstick, but there […]

And the Oscar didn’t go to… Water

  But regardless, the nomination has been significant.   And to judge by the increasing amount of coverage that Deepa Mehta’s Water has gotten on Indian television in the past few weeks, and the mention of it by Karan Johar and Anupama Chopra when interviewing them both in the past six days, it’s clear that […]