Delhi Noir at the Rubin

Meera Nair, Hirsh Sawhney and Pete Hamill
Meera Nair, Hirsh Sawhney and Pete Hamill

Attended the book launch for Delhi Noir, the latest in the international series from Akashic Books, held at the Rubin Museum on June 10th (yes, that lovely space that used to be Barneys).

Well now it’s even lovelier, and bless their hearts, they keep the gift shop open well after the evening event has ended (something I wish the Asia Society would do too).

The emcee for the event was Hirsh Sawhney, the editor of Delhi Noir as well as a contributor.   He was joined onstage by Meera Nair, she of Video fame who also has a story in this tome, and Pete Hamill, a noir godfather of sorts, given that his was the first story in the first book of the series back in 2004, Brooklyn Noir (and a great story it is, darker than Hamill’s work usually is, with a wonderful sense of foreboding as we follow famous writer Carmody on his way to his Barnes and Noble reading in Brooklyn).

Joining the trio on stage were actors Rita Wolf (who was so terrific in My Beautiful Launderette) and Ajay Naidu, who I adored most recently in Loins of Punjab Presents.   Each took turns reading excerpts of several stories.

In between, Sawhney, Nair and Hamill discussed noir and its history in film and fiction, and the new book.   It was a lovely unhurried conversation.   Here’s a link to where you can read more and listen to some of the readings, and here’s where you can see some more pix.   Enjoy…

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