Dhobi Ghat preview

A gorgeous and unusually long trailer for Dhobi Ghat (just shy of four minutes):

Have a look at this and at the film’s website.  

These folks at Aamir Khan Productions really get the promotional side of the business (and I mean that in a good way, not as the usual snarky “Aamir’s a genius at marketing his films” comment that gets thrown around).   This company and its staff have taken the time and care to make sufficient information about their latest movie easily available to the members of the fourth estate, and more than just a list of cast and crew and the same six or eight movie stills that end up making the rounds ad naseum.

At the first screening I went to last year, we each got a beautiful color booklet on heavy paper with black-and-white photographs from the film, contrasted with color images from scenes and of the cast and crew shooting.   In addition to being informative and telling the reader more about how the movie was made, it is also a sweet souvenir to have from a very touching film.

But more about that next…

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