Director Q on what came after SAIFF 2010


I had a chance to chat briefly with director Q, whose film eye-opening film Gandu was screened at SAIFF 2010.  He’s in NYC and attending this year’s SAIFF, to which he’s brought his film Tasher Desh.

What can we expect from you this time around at SAIFF 2013?

Well, a surprise…

How has it been with Gandu since you were here with it at SAIFF three years ago?  I see it’s available for sale on Amazon…

It was great because this (SAIFF 2010) started it off and the film went to Berlin after this, which is kind of rare, in terms of being picked up for Berlin, they usually need world premieres.
After that Gandu has been to over 70 festivals so we’ve done quite a bit of work since then and two more films have happened.  So it’s been quite busy.

And it screened in India, which really surprised me…

No, it didn’t.

Wasn’t it shown at one of the festivals?

No, no, it’s still banned.  Only one time, the Bombay festival tried to screen the film, the cops came and shut it down.  Yeah, it’s still underground.

Note:  Q’s Tasher Desh screens tonight at SAIFF 2013 and the director Q will be present for a Q&A afterward.

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