Don in NYC

The Imaginasian theater in Manhattan has  tickets  on sale right now for Don, which opens on Friday, October 20th, and according to the theater’s manager, Dylan Marchetti, they expect sales to be brisk.

Meanwhile, across the Hudson, Don, along with Jaan e Maan  open on Thursday afternoon, the 19th.   (It’s as if Jersey was at least one  time zone closer to Bharat Mata….)

7 thoughts on “Don in NYC

  1. Yeah, I am going to watch both in Maveli (Rockland county) this weekend. I am a sucker for comedy and would have preferred to watch Jaan-e-Maan before Don, but my cousin wants to see Don first, and as he is taking me in his car on both occasions, I am quite happy with that.

  2. BA, yeah, I’m not overly anticipating Don, for reasons you’ve mentioned, but I’ll likely see it just to see how it is. I am curious to see the movie with AB and the 18-year0old…

    Oh God, Maja, les frère Khan should be barred from ever touching AAA. First, the movie should be left along, but to add insult to injury, those three??? (Shudder.)

  3. I’m not passing any judgment on the Don or Sholay remakes yet, but I’m seriously worried about the Amar Akbar Anthony remake with Salman and his 2 brothers in the 3 main roles. That just should not be allowed.

  4. Tickets booked back here in Bombay. Thank God for two multiplexes (PVT and Fame) opening their net bookings a whopping 2 weeks in advance.

    Filmi – for the record, I’m against remakes. I can’t even start on how pissed off I am about Ramu’s Sholay. Besides, if you change parts from the original (Isha K’s character in Don is new, new Sholay will be shot in a city and not in a village and Big B – happy b’day to him – will be a “suave ganglord”), then you’re just using a great old brand to dish out crap. Grrrr…

  5. Wow, they’re selling tickets already? I’ve been checking the Cineworld listings for my local cinema for weeks now and they only just added Don to the “Coming soon” section today and I think there are some tickets available for the preview showing on the 19th as well. No sign of Jaan-E-Mann so far, but they showed the trailer for it before Munnabhai, so I’m still hoping.

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