Free today: Rakesh Satyal’s novel Blue Boy

Received the following heartfelt message from author Rakesh Satyal this morning.

Do pass on the word to anyone you think might benefit from a free download of his funny and touching debut novel, Blue Boy, and its tale of the irrepressible and gifted Kiran, a young boy who loves boys (and fashion and music and dance and so much more) and uses his talents to cope with classmates’ bullying.   The offer is only valid today, October 6th:

Dear friends:

Whenever people ask me why I wrote BLUE BOY, I always say that I wrote the book that I needed as a kid but didn’t have.   Every week, I receive messages from people around the world who have come to the book one way or the other, and it is always very heartening to see that books really can change people, that they have the chance to transcend boundaries and difficulties.

In light of the tragic news stories of the past couple of weeks, my publisher and Amazon have been gracious enough to make the book available for a free Kindle download today, October 6.

Kiran, the main character of BLUE BOY, is spurned by his classmates and peers, but the point of the book is that children, even when faced with tough circumstances, can have a beautiful resilience that sees them through their dark times if they trust their own imagination, creativity, and spirit.   I think that this is a point that continues to be of the highest importance, especially now.

To purchase a Kindle edition of the book for free, please follow this link:

Please help me spread the word by sending this along to any avid readers you know — or just to that one person who might benefit from reading Kiran’s story.   Thank you very much, and please take care.


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  1. unfortunately, Amazon displays the following message:

    This title is not available for customers from: India


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