Gandhi at Bat


This black and white short film by Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm is done in the style of the old Movietone newsreels and is based on a story by Chet Williamson that appeared in The New Yorker in 1983.   The story is that Gandhi comes to New York and visits Yankee Stadium to see the Yankees play, and before long, he’s up at bat.

The narrator refers to Gandhi by a series of monikers such as: the Lord of the Loincloth, the Grinning Guru, the Sympathetic Swami, the Nabob of Non-violence, the Rookie Raja, and the Petite Pundit.

Cute film.

This movie was screened Friday, November 3rd at the Indo-American Arts Council’s sixth film festival.

2 thoughts on “Gandhi at Bat

  1. IndianPad,thanks for the review. This happened to be my first acting gig. Had a great time doing it. The critic in me kept hammering at my accent. Steph and Alec did a great job. Delfin

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