He hugs well AND he smells good ?


Well, heck, maybe I will like Shahrukh Khan as the new host of Kaun Banega Crorepati  after all…..

I was pretty bummed back when the announcement of the switchover from AB to SRK came out.   I finally go and sign up for a package of Hindi channels, feverishly anticipating  fresh episodes of KBC (and KWK), and then His Eminence took ill, and later, left the show altogether.

But now, the BBC reports on SRK’s chummy behaviour in his debut.

Missed the maiden voyage last night due to a commitment (yes, and forgot to TiVo), so am looking forward to Day 2 with the King Khan tonight…

Update – Initial impressions: He looks very sharp, lovely grey suit and red tie, but wow, is he a Chatty Kathy compared to Amitabh!   And I miss the booming bass intoning “Computer-ji“.   “Mister Computer” just ain’t the same…

11 thoughts on “He hugs well AND he smells good ?

  1. NIC for u info lets go that websites and find who is the best, SRK is best in everything from wining best student award to biggest star and biggest fan following

    NEWS SOURCE: http://zia_ur_rahman.tripod.com/sharukh.html

    (www.netguruindia.com/features/y2k/feb.html) (READ the news of 14 February 2000)



    SRK is Worlds Biggest Star by Americans TIME Magazine and UK’s Guardian.



    Shah Rukh voted sexiest male in the world:


    WHEN RAM or Krishna it not that he always faced appreciation. SUPNAKHA, TARKA, or PUTNA, and RAVAN & Co were also there to show there. So, now at present age people like also there.

    NIC u told about that lady SHE IS A FAKE
    he a mentally disturbed Lady in mid 50’s?? And if it is true than how a person like her get through. I can bet without any doubt that she has problematic personal life. She lives a very lonely life and has no friends either (As it seems she is not married). As her behavior pattern and looks suggesting she is quite a betrayed one in life.

    So, when she faces a such kind of Male, One-way who is representing the ultimate Male Baton for success, popularity, money, or fame, who is extremely popular among females and especially known as an ideal husband and a perfect family man she has the biggest opportunity to outburst of her emotion

    Right from the beginning, her only intention was to disgrace SRK. As I said earlier such people by nature are like that. Because they hate showing regards to successful things. Physiology says Losers always wants to hurt winners others just to derive Sadistic pleasure. They see it as moral victory. And the more famous, successful, and popular person they get, they want to insult more.
    1. She says SRK is not a good actor, and as she said she is so busy that She did not have anytime at all to waste time unusual things (Like Watching Cricket, As She Thinks Its Cricket Is An Unusual Thing It Takes Time, Good) but how can such Lady watch a MASALA movie like MAI HOON NA, moreover which is a SRK, whom she doesn’t think him as a good actor. How it’s possible?? It clearly proves She is a fake.
    2. And the way she was behaving in spite of being an English teacher awful. A professor with such pathetic English accent and poor diction it says all.
    3. Her talking suggesting she is too upset from life and that is the clear symptoms she doesn’t like usual things that people do. She wants to drive truck, wants to make tiger as pet, how crazy a lady she is. If she is so serious kind why she has that bizarre desires and express it publicly. Again proves She is actually a complete lost out person needs serious Physiological help.
    4. Right from show started she was repeating saying like a hysteria patient she doesn’t care for money. Money is less important for her then why she was there?? Clearly it’s another false. Did somebody of the KBC team ask her this question??
    5. She was so frustrated she was all the time trying to upset the format of the game. She insisted to LOCK rather to FREEZE.
    6. She was almost advising the superstar that she thinks SRK has to be more serious. I don’t know how many have advised SRK before that?? She means to say She wants to make even the Superstar boring, and lonely like her. An Owl is telling to the Sun To Stop Shinning So That It Could See.
    7. She did not even tell the 50:50 answer bcoz she thinks Computer will change the options hearing her choice. FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How sick and suspicious nature She was?? When from every angle and manners she was quite a jewel. Little surprise, the person with that HIGH PROFILE mentally will act like that but How the KBC team has allowed such seriously Mentally Sick lady come on that show.
    These things may seem to be funny but on a serious note if such people comes and act like this it can quite alarming. Because if such craps come and insult an ICON who is one in billion. Even if they are mentally disturbed they intentionally or by nature if does something that could hamper any Icon’s image with whom millions of fans joy and happiness is related who will pay for this.
    So, even any simple reaction against an icon can be counted million times and thus it easily can be turned as ultimate crime because it effect million’s sentiment. I think that lady would struggle for her life if they get her. A girl was really hurt for that lady that even I have to write something to calm her down because I also can feel their pain and remember these Internet posts are only the small portions of the responses of the huge numbers viewers of witness KBC.
    She doesn’t even have the sense she was talking to ordinary person like her. She was taking to an icon with whom millions of peoples sentiment is related. So it can turn quite disastrous. You just see the responses of people with that incident or not who were really get hurt by this. One has written of the feedback is “A Insult Of An Reputed Person Is More Respected Person Is Greater A Crime Than Killing”.
    Quite true, when it’s a person with whom millions of peoples joy, happiness sentiment is related.
    JUST CLICK ON THAT and see the responses of People. Internet responses cover only a small percent of total viewers so imagine how much nasty responses would be there which is not tapped.

    If you have noticed she once said SRK’s mannerism reminds sometimes of SHAMMI KAPOOR and sometimes of one of her closer relatives. Some of U should have noticed if you meet some of your elder relatives and if they like your talking or manners they will compare U with someone their time. It’s a basic physiology. If lady is so strict and don’t care nature but she was noticing someone’s mannerisms so closely that she finds the superstar reminds her as a relative Bizarre!!

    Some people has that nature they behave adversely to certain persons just to grab attention.
    KAREENA KAPOOR DID this while shooting of ASHOKA. SHE acted like that doesn’t happy with SRK. Once if I am right the movie has to be stopped because of Her. Later it was found SRK is her dream man she did this to grab attention of the Superstar and even She chosen a boyfriend who reminds her of SRK. Got it.

  2. Nic U seems a chamcha of Big B, who says SRK KBC has fallen infact many papers report he is by far ahead than Big B. In every respect SRK is better. U told many better than SRK. U prhaps dont know all major polls he has been votd as most goodlooking. He is voted asian’s sexiest male even. and voted world’s most sexiest man

    He is the best dancer, action and actor. he is natural dancer even LIKE by learning singing U CAN NOT BE A KISHORE KUMAR OR LATA like Dancing cant be learn U can be a break-dancer or classical dancer by learning but natural is natural. CAN ANybody has the enery, swiftness, gymnastic skills to match the dance steps of YESS BOSS, DDLJ, CHAIYA CHAIYA and many more like SRK.

    Kishore kumar is not a trained singer but MANNA DEY Was but while listoning the two KISHORE KUMAR HOLDS THE MUCH LARGER AUDIENCE ITS LIKE THAT SRK’s natural ability is like that he is best in every field.

    DO U KNOW SRK HAS BEEN AWARED BEST STUDENT and given SWORD OF HONOUR do u know he has captained in all sports HOCKEY, CRICKET, and SOCCER in school such talented right from the begining.

    DO U KNOW SAHARA CHANNELS ARE DOING SECRTET OPERATION TO HAMPER THE NEW KBC, as BIG Is director or SAHARA for that. This SAHARA CHANNELS and associates are hampering the show.

    U said that LADY DO U KNOW THAT LADY and many are secretly sent to hamper the show and AMAR SINGH is also involved in it

  3. > Did you see how he squeezed the stuffing out of the Mom? Wow!

    Thats what makes him a star, Maria. Frankly speaking there are better looking, better sounding, better dancing and even better acting people than him in bollywood and yet he has managed to become a superstar and he was not even a star kid to begin with. Now that speaks for itself.

    However according to a recent CNN-IBN report –

    he still has a long way to go before matching Big B’s KBC ratings.

  4. Hi Kamla,

    I can see why he’d be more popular with women, he’s more touchy-feely than his predecessor was.

    Yes, I saw KJo listed as something like “Guest Stylist” or something!

    Nic, do you mean the woman who quit after she didn’t know which state had had 2 CMs? Did you see how he squeezed the stuffing out of the Mom? Wow!

  5. SRK is trying to do a good job but he seems to be trying too hard to appear extra friendly and unfortunately the effort shows.

    One of the changes introduced by SRK is that the contestant has to ask SRK to give him a hug if he has to quit the game. But it seems he has forgotten that India is still quite conservative and many women would not be comfortable with this inspite of his superstar status.

    Things turned quite uncomfortable in thursday’s episode when a female contestant flatly refused to hug SRK and though he was able to salvage the situation it seemed he was not prepared for it.

  6. Maria:

    it is interesting to watch the show here in India. There is a clear division of who likes whom…younger people clearly prefer SRK and the older crowd seem to like AB. What is also interesing to see is the diametrically opposite behaviour of SRK and AB vis-a-vis the participants.

    It will realy interesing to see the show in the USA.

    SRK is looking sharp because his friend Karan Johar is in charge of his wardrobe and accd to a local rag…KJo just returned from London with a trunkful of clothes 🙂

    Enjoy the show. “Freeze kar lo show ko TiVO mein!”


  7. Wow,
    You actually get all these channels! In Hollywood, Major Movie stars avoid TV like the plague( even commercials for that matter) because it supposedly affects their ‘Mystique’ & ‘Aura’ but in Bolly its quite the opposite.This is an interesting contradiction.It is overkill in some ways, don’t you think.I mean you get to see the country’s biggest Movie star EVERYDAY—where’s the fun in that.I personally thought it was a bad move for SRK to agree to host KBC. AB Sr was a different story—- he never has to carry a film by himself anymore & even he was affected a bit by the over-exposure. Ideally they should’ve opted for someone like Arshad Warsi or even Madhavan(who used to host ‘Deal ya No Deal’)—-a second-rung supporting actor type. But I guess $300,000+/ episode is hard to resist. I’ll be watching with keen interest as to how ‘Chak De India’ and ‘Om Shanti Om’ (S.RK’s next releases)do at the B.O——–What’s your take on this?

    here’s the episode 3

    One more thing: This is the first time watching KBC for me.Another difference between KBC and ‘Who wants to be” is that the contestants and their families are inherently squeamish in front of the camera & SRK doesn’t exactly make them feel at ease.This is probably a cultural thing but for me as a first-time watcher t’was pretty exciting!

  8. Thanks, Maja and Lisa!

    (Hmm, is that the curse of having your own fragrance, you can never wear anything else? Wow, that would be quite a Faustian bargain to make.)

    Haven’t gotten to the YouTube episode 1, but did catch the second last night….it was ok. He’s charming and friendly, less physically imposing than AB, but he was a bit all over the place and seemed strained. Maybe he’ll hit his stride and settle down in the next few days.

  9. I read a similar article last night on one of the Indian news sites, but it didn’t include this quote:
    Ms Patel also said: “When I got voted out of the game, he came over and hugged me and he hugs so well, smells so good!”
    Aww 😀
    Anyway, don’t worry about missing the show as someone has already uploaded it to YouTube, I’m just going to watch it now (and not understand anything, but anyway …). I wish our version of Who wants to be a millionaire was this fun!

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