I’m single, dying to mingle, but there’s no tingle


 …said Karan Johar to Tabu last night as both lamented their single status on KWK.

It was a great episode.   Mira Nair and Tabu were both extremely natural, moreso than the Bollywood regulars who usually pick their words as cautiously as if traversing an empty field in Mozambique.

Farah Khan later joined (clad, like Tabu, in a Manish Malhotra handkerchief dress).

8 thoughts on “I’m single, dying to mingle, but there’s no tingle

  1. Rekha, maybe she’s sensitive about her arms being bare?

    MW, thanks for asking, have been down with a really bad dose of bronchitis for over a week.

  2. I liked this episode very much. Mira was very forthright. Loved Tabu’s dress but didn’t like Farah’s dress. Whats with the long sleeves? And who picked the color? Farah is a choreographer but Manish is not. He should have suggested something better.

  3. A great episode, I have renewed love and respect for Mira Nair and Tabu. Karan did a great job, I could tell he was very reverent towards Mira and Tabu, as well he should be. He seemed more at ease too, sometimes he seems to try to be too smooth and witty, and it doesn’t go over very successfully. As a relative newcomer to the world of Indian cinema, I hadn’t ever seen Farah Khan before, but she was HILARIOUS.

  4. You’re right about that Kamla, he was respectful on this episode which he isn’t usually; and he did seem to be in awe. Did you notice the question he asked Mira, i.e., which Indian director do you think will make it big in Hollywood? (perhaps hoping she would say him? :)) )

    The movie review seems great and I have to watch the movie.

  5. You got it right. This was indeed one of the better shows of K Jo. For a change K Jo was respectful and I think a little bit in awe.


  6. I agree, this episode was better than ones with bwood stars, not that Tabu isn’t one. But these people were just more real and seemed to not be doing this as a publicity stunt, although they have the most motives to. Farah was hilarious, I love her honesty and thought she looked great in that blue dress. Tabu also looked very nice. Karan’s roundabout way for taking credit for Tabu being in namesake cracked me up. As did his mingle tingle line. Anyways, I’m glad Tabu is in the film, I definately could not see rani and ab2.0 as kal pen’s parents!

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