Joyeaux Anniversaire, Monsieur Bachchan


Quelle douce  64th birthday present for AB père: he’s going to receive  France’s highest award, the Legion d’honneur.   Story here.

8 thoughts on “Joyeaux Anniversaire, Monsieur Bachchan

  1. Thank you for sending me the link. I was thrilled to read it and so happy that people from other backgrounds are also watching our films now. I was also impressed that you got your masters from Columbia Univ. Welcome to our world !!

  2. Sunny,

    No, I’m not, they’re not, though some have speculated about reincarnation, and others have kindly dubbed me an honorary member of the community. If you really want to know more about this, you can read this post:

    And yes, I’m seeing Don in just a few hours, and will post a review shortly after.

    I don’t think wild horses, or even AB 2.0 with a Bombay street puppy cradled in his arms, could coerce me to hand over $10 and sit through Jaan-e-Maan. I’m just not a Salman Khan girl…

  3. filmiholic: if you don’t mind my asking, are you originally (or your family) from India. Are you going to watch Don and Jaan-e-Maan this weekend?

  4. Yes, he has been blessed with such a voice, but he also worked hard on his walking and acting, even his dialogue dilvery. If you see some of his very early movies, his acting was average.

  5. I agree, Sunny!

    Though he went through that kind of – dare I say it – ugly-duckling phase before he took some time off from filmmaking, he has come back several scores better in this period, I think.

    Then again, it certainly doesn’t hurt that he’s been blessed with a booming voice, a handsome face, and grace when he moves…

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