Kooking with Kamna


Sorry, sorry, still feeling the after effects of Kismat Konnection……

Here’s an interesting blogpost that I stumbled across about a week ago…… in it, Janet Miller, a woman out in California, tells about a recent cooking experience with Kamna Chandra, the Hindi movie screenwriter who scripted 1942: A Love Story, among others.   Mrs. C  is likely visiting her new granddaughter,  Leela Sydney Chandra, the daughter of bi-continental novelists Melanie Abrams and Vikram Chandra, and I gather from her post that Janet and Melanie are friends.  

Janet and Mrs. Chandra got to talking in the kitchen while the latter prepared aloo mutter and also narrated a script she was working on.  

 In the post, Janet also talks about experiencing her first Hindi movie: Kal Ho Na Ho.   It’s always interesting to read first-time viewers reactions…

And here is the recipe.

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