Le Tamoul – for a change!

When recently directing a friend who was in Paris to the website for L’Harmattan bookstore there, and their amazing selection of Francophone African literature, and all variety of “international books,” I couldn’t help but notice a brief paragraph on the page promoting an upcoming salon about Indian writing (in November) this year.

Wonderful, of course, but what really caught my eye was this little image:

I thought it interesting to see that – for a change – they had gotten away from the usual faux-Devanagri lettering so many people use for shop signs, restaurant menus, and which I also considered briefly back at the dawn of this site, and the designer/artist/blogger had instead done an adaptation of Le Tamoul script, which I think is kinda’ cute.

The little man in the big turban?  Hmmm….. I leave that one to you, dear reader….


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