Madhavan Takes Manhattan


….well, a corner of it at least….

Here are a few pics from tonight’s one-night-only NY screening at The Imaginasian of Evano Oruvan, the Tamil remake of the Marathi film Dombivli Fast.   The actor/co-producer was present, as well as the director, Nishikant Kamat, and Maddy’s leading lady, Sangeetha.   The event was sponsored by HSBC’s NRI division.

For those who hadn’t seen the original (myself included), it’s the story of an average guy, who’s married, has  two kids and works in a bank.   He does the same routine over and over,  and his anger at the injustices of day-to-day life boils over and he acts out.   The majority of the film deals with what happens in 3 days of Vasu’s life after he crosses a point of no apparent return.

As we already saw in  Aayitha Ezhuthu, Kannathil Muthamittal and Guru, Madhavan is now easily able to glide away and  temporarily leave behind the  purely commercial masala, mainstream cinema (Priyasakhi anyone?) for  the other one (however you wish to call it).   A detailed review will follow.

Co-star Sangeetha:

And yes, it’s true, women really do notice a man’s shoes:

7 thoughts on “Madhavan Takes Manhattan

  1. Hey Raj, yes, correct, two hours long and the music only comes at the very end.

    Learner, no, man, those metal details are actually silver. Blame it on my camera and the lighting.

    Vidya, good eyes on you! I’m usually pretty good on details, but I didn’t see that.

    Joseph, it’s just that they wanted to invite some journalists to the event. I got a call from a friend in Madras and who received the request from Madhavan, and we took it from there. While I suppose I’m glad to see men subjected to the same tsk-tsking over any weight gain that women have for decades, at the same time I would say, first, he really hasn’t put on a lot of weight. It does seem though that he may be one of those folks whose face is the first place where any pounds appearing or disappearing gets reflected. Maybe his cheeks look a little fuller, when you see him from head-to-toe, you might notice a little more weight than he carried in Guru, but he’s by no means overweight. Also, I think the weight loss in Guru was extreme; he was SO skinny in that film. But one other thing, if you look at southern films – while there are some slimmer lead actors – look at how many of the rest of them are quite paunchy and get leading roles anyway. Will be posting a review shortly, as well as some film stills and you’ll see him there, not too heavy, not too light.

    Darshana, chee chee chee! Of course she was earing something underneath! 🙂

    If you look closely at the photo, those are actually pale cream-colored churidars. The whole emsemble was quite figure-hugging and she was very glam, quite the opposite of her homemaker role in Evano Oruvan, where she work pretty much no make-up and cotton saris.

  2. Did Sangeetha have on churidar under that top with the slit in it or did she wear it by itself as a dress? need to know!!

  3. Wow,
    You’ve got to tell me how exactly you get invited to all these premieres et al.:) Speaking of Mr.Maddy—looks like like he’s gone chubby again after looking well in ‘Guru’.I never understood how people making big-time money like he does & NEED to look good on screen can be so callous about their diet and excercise! Maybe too much ‘Curd rice’ in your diet would do that to you.

    How’d you like the movie BTW?

  4. Hi Maria,

    I was there to get a close up to the movie as well as the stars..talking abt maddy’s shoes…i think i saw a scene in the movie where he was wearing a similar pair of shoes….i wonder if its the same:). I liked the movie and wish the stars best of luck.

  5. Hi Maria:
    While I await your complete report with gossip
    (read “the man’s shoes”), I was told, since there were no
    songs the movie ended in about 2 hours.
    Eagerly awaiting to see movie now.
    Raj Rangarajan

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