MIAAC 2010 red carpet photos

Sendhil Ramamurthy, one of the stars of Shor

 Star-studded opening of the 10th Mahindra Indo-American Arts Council film festival.

Tusshar Kapoor, star of Shor (and Diwali hit Golmaal 3)
The team from Shor ("Noise"), opening film of MIAAC

The non-desi photographers behind the velvet rope furiously scribbled the names the of the people gliding by them, while the rest of the pack gave them the lo-down on who was who.   Tusshar Kapoor got out of his car one reporter said “He’s very big back in India” and upon his TV mogul sister Ekta’s appearance, someone else added “And she’s huge over there!”  

Tusshar Kapoor with his sister Ekta, who produced Shor

Samrat Chakrabarti, who is clearly in the lead for the title of busiest NY-based actor was on  the SAIFF red carpet  less than two weeks ago, then over  at the  Rome Film Festival, and now back here.   He has also appeared as Irrfan Khan’s son in the latest season of HBO’s In Treatment.

Samrat Chakrabarti, starring in Ajay Naidu's Ashes

Samrat is at MIAAC for his work in Ashes, the directorial debut of his Loins of Punjab Presents co-star Ajay Naidu.   A frequent Twitterati, Samrat gave his phone to one of the photographers and asked them to snap his picture, for Tweeting purposes.   Not only an actor, Samrat is also an accomplished musician and has done the score for the documentary Natvar Bhavsar: Poetics of Color, also appearing at this year’s MIAAC.

Mr. Naidu soon followed him on the red carpet, and after much greeting and embracing of friends, he worked his way down the line of photographers.   Ajay can also be seen  in this season of the HBO series Bored to Death.

Ajay Naidu, actor and now director, whose Ashes debuts Friday night

Sarita Choudhury, who caught everyone’s eye in Mira Nair’s Mississippi Masala and Kama Sutra,  saw her director arrive at the theater and rushed over to swoop her up in a big hug.

Actor Sarita Choudhury and her director Mira Nair

Actor, author (more here) and chef, Madhur Jaffrey  tried to slip into the theater with all the other festival-goers, but was coaxed onto the red carpet.

Mira Nair, Madhur Jaffrey and Sarita Choudhury

If one were to look for  six degrees of separation between  Nandana Sen and Ajay Naidu, they wouldn’t have to go too far, as Ms. Sen played the muse Sugandha in Ketan Mehta’s Rang Rasiya the biopic of artist Raja Ravi Varma, to whom  Mr. Naidu is related.   (If  Ms. Sen had turned around,  you would see a thin gold chain encircling her waist.)

Nandana Sen

After a while, one photographer  remarked “Now, if I can just get Padma Lakshmi, I could go home.”   (She did eventually appear.)

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