More Shahrukh and Kajol pix

The Big Media Event yesterday was more calm and orderly than I expected.   For some reason, I thought there’d be mass pandemonium and much pushing and yelling, based on the last time I was in the same room with SRK (that would be last August, the same night as his  Velcome-to-Amrika experience at Newark Liberty Airport).

Some 60 or so media people were assembled in a large conference room at the Fox offices on Sixth Avenue.   Before the famous pair arrived, the trailer for My Name is Khan was shown.   One of the Fox people explained afterward that “Quran JoHAR” (well, that’s what it sounded like!) could not be here.  

Having completed their morning appearance at NASDAQ, then their one-on-ones with broadcast outlets and a SAJA-SAMMA webcast, Kajol and Shahrukh Khan were escorted into the room.  

They stood for pictures as those of us who needed to take some edged in on them in silence, flashes snapping and just an occasional soft “Shahrukh” or “Kajol” to get their attention.   Afterward, two director’s chairs were brought out and the pair sat to answer questions for almost an hour.   Tom Brook of the BBC was there, as was  S. Mitra Kalita of the WSJ.   Some folks from Sepia Mutiny were live-blogging/tweeting the event.

Today SRK has also tweeted about being  at CNN for an interview with Fareed Zakaria.

And here’s a few more images:

8 thoughts on “More Shahrukh and Kajol pix

  1. Aaaah LOVE MNIK!!
    HOPE to THE STARs that Karan does another movie with the MOST STUNNING Jodi of the MILLENIUM!! Can’t wait for it!! And YES the two SRK+KAJOL can be OLD together!! LOVE it.

  2. Omg srkajol are the bast she is so sweet when she is lugheing and srk is the king i love both two i hope karan will make a new film opposit srk and kajol

  3. Kajol is looking very beautiful as she is growing old. I liked both SRK and Kajol in the movie. They are always the best matching pair on screen.

  4. What were your impressions of the answers? And in that third photo, he reminds me of a wax version of himself – probably just caught him mid-expression.

    1. Beth, on the photo, how funny! I also have one (that I wouldn’t put up) where he’s talking and Kajol blinked, but looks like she’s sleeping!

      His answers sometimes seemed to come from a kind of ready-made roll that you’ll be familiar with if you watch any recent interviews… the comments on being stopped on Newark and taht he gets stopped all the time, on what the film is about, on working with Kajol (she’s very bossy and domineering) and working with Karan…but then there are other moments where he says something additional to what the frequent viewer will already have filed away in his/her grey matter. He did talk about having read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and having referred it to Karan a few years ago, and she talked about their meeting a couple who were living a similar situation to the one they portray in MNIK.

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