No vadai for you!

Rajni, Kamala and Maddy have all joined forces  on a one-day hunger strike.   They’re  doing it to protest  the attacks in Bangalore on cinemas showing Tamil films by people angered over the Hogenakkal water scuffle.   More here.  



3 thoughts on “No vadai for you!

  1. I remember till 1990, DD (Doordarshan) was the only Channel available to all the People in India and most in Urban areas including myself used to Hate DD at that time and had switched over to Cable in 1993…

    But After 15 years of Cable and After 5 Years of Continuous Assault from Ekta Kapoor’s Mind Numbing Regressive Serials, I think I miss the old DD and its Fantastic Serials of the Past like,

    The Hamara Bajaj Ad of 1988

    and the new Hamara Bajaj Ad

    As I was a Kid back then in the late 1980’s my Favourite Cartoon on DD was He-Man…(“I have the Powerrrrrrrrrr”)

    and I also liked Mowgli and the Jungle Book song written by Gulzar

    and Although I was never too Religious I used to Enjoy watching Mahabharat on TV in the late 1980’s

    I also liked SRK at his innocent best in his serials Circus and Fauji on DD, before he got Spoilt by Commercialism, post DDLJ.

    Why don’t they make Good Serials in India anymore like they used to do in the 1980’s like Humlog, Buniyaad, Nukkad and Mungherilal Ke Haseen Sapne despite having Money and Technology?

  2. Wow, Nic, thanks for sharing this – it’s kind of like an Indian “We Are the World”, isn’t it?

    It’s amazing to see Kamal Haasan and Shabana Azmi some 20 years back, and so many others.

  3. Its election year and unfortunately politicians are working overtime raising regional issues everywhere in India.

    Perhaps its time for the government to start broadcasting this clip again –

    Its a short ad on national integration featuring many prominent Indian personalities from the eighties from different regions of India. It was shown very frequently in those days when we had just one television channel in India – Doordarshan. Most Indians still become quite nostalgic when they see this ad. I think you would be able to recognize many people in the video.

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