Oh no he didn’t!

NBC legal expert Dan Abrams, appearing on NBC’s nationally televised Today show, just declared Bollywood a “loser” for the choice of Sly Stallone as the actor who would be involved in the  Hindi movie Kambaqt Ishq, one part of the bigger story  that’s been so much in the press this week.

You can see a clip here.   They get to Bollywood around minute 1:50.

3 thoughts on “Oh no he didn’t!

  1. Filmi-ji, hello! Just stopped by your blog and clicked on the video link. I ff’ed to 1:50, and thank god, because the whole clip struck me as totally inane and nonsensical banter. I really did not think breakfast TV had sunk so low. A serious film reviewer like you should not much care what those airheads think or say, leave alone link to them!

  2. Hi Joseph,

    I’ve added a link to the segment in the post.

    Sly + Hrithik, interesting combo indeed, especially when it comes time for the song picturization…

  3. I couldn’t find it on Youtube yet.What was the context of the comment?Dan Abrams is a bonafide idiot.Mr. Legal expert & political commentator was once caught not knowing the words to National Anthem!

    Stallone looks ‘like a 60 yr old on steriods’:).A while back there was talk of Hrithik Roshan being part of Rambo 4 as his Afghan love-child who comes to rescue him from a hostage situation w/the Taliban.Apparently that never materialized, although I must admit, it would’ve made an interesting & awful movie!

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