Post 9/11 Blues

Before escaping back into movieland…  

MC Riz has a song out that sums up his view on what it’s like  to be South Asian in the UK nowadays:

I got the post 9-11 blues
On the telly nuthin but the post 911 news
War, iraq, suicide bombs
Stop hogging the limelight and make some room for my songs!!
Anyway its all reruns
We need a new war Bush! Go get Iran, I heard they’re talking bout your mum!
Change the channel, watch some telly for kids, but whats this??
Hi kids welcome to fun fun fun fundamentalists [kids show theme style]
In the breaks, Nikes advertising bomb-proof-kicks
They even showing Bin Ladens cave on Cribs!!
So I picked up a respectable post 911 magazine
It told me bout the new post 911 categories –
Isreali fighters are soldiers, Irish are paramilitary
– And darkie ones are terrorsists – how simple can it be?
But not me, my friends say “Riz is still one of us”
But if I haven’t shaved – they won’t sit with me on the bus

You can read the rest of the lyrics here, and hear the song itself  here.

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