Preity, What Big Eyes You Have!

After sliding the Welcome DVD into the player the other night, before the movie started rolling, this video appeared.

It’s a spot against human trafficking, and after a few fragments of vignettes pass by, we hear John Abraham, then Preity Zinta, and finally Amitabh Bachchan, all  speaking out against it.

What I found rather jarring, given the gravity of the subject matter, was Ms. Zinta’s choice of eyewear:

7 thoughts on “Preity, What Big Eyes You Have!

  1. This is totally away from the topic at hand but…how come you never saw/reviewed the movie Jodhaa Akbar? I thought you would definitely come around to it, but am surprised you haven’t seen it. Do watch it and review it here…it’s a once in a decade kind of movie…totally mindblowing!

  2. Joseph,

    Welcome back. Yes, I read that too, and my girlfriends and I had been wondering what was behind the huge glasses. But still, it really does distract from the message she’s delivering; I can’t believe she couldn’t have had a make-up person cover up the discoloration, and the cameraperson shoot her from some angle to make it less obvious. Oh well…

  3. I think they wear them in the dark as well or at night because of all the flashbulbs of the paparazzi..Kajol was wearing them at her father’s funeral..that I found odd..she may just be hiding her red eyes but it’s your father’s funeral! no one will criticize you for red eyes! tanisha and rani weren’t wearing them!

  4. Hi Maria,
    It’s been a while.I don’t think was a fashion faux-pas in actuality! Preity got hit in the eye(accidentally by a reporter) while making a public appearance for her new IPL cricket team in Mohali.I think this P.S.A was shot around the same time.The sunglasses themselves are a rather unnecessary appendage but they do serve a different purpose i.e as a ‘concealer’.I remember Aishwarya wearing awful sunglasses all the time when she was dating bad-boy Salman Khan—any guesses why?

  5. This was what I wrote in February 26, 2008 in Aamir Khan’s blog

    …(If you want to Verify, then Search ‘Praveen’ in the ‘Search Comments by Word’ field in one of Aamir’s Old Posts Titled
    ‘Ghajini Resumes’…Press the ‘End’ Button at the bottom of the page to navigate to Comment No.13 & 17)…

    The Comments are addressed to a person nicknamed ‘philip kotler’ at aamir khan’s blog who constantly Abuses SRK on Aamir Khan’s Blog.

    This Old Post of Mine seems so Apt with respect to Your Post about
    Preity Zinta and her ‘Huge Sunglasses’,

    Preity Zinta looks like an Alien in the Above Photo 🙂


    26th Feb, 2008

    @ Philip Kotler

    Preity Zinta is wearing these huge sunglasses and giving an interview on TV on her current favourite topic which is IPL. ‘Sunglasses’ to me are the ultimate symbol of ‘Stardom’. Most stars wear ‘Sunglasses’ in public places even if its night time (especially at the airport when they are leaving the country for an outdoor shoot) just to distinguish themselves from the crowd.
    I’ve seen every star that there is wear sunglasses in public be it SRK, AB, Hrithik etc.. But I have never seen Aamir wear Sunglasses ever….and a star without his sunglasses is like a Doctor without his Stethoscope around his neck.
    So that’s proof enough that Aamir is more of an actor and less of a star. So stop comparing Aamir & SRK because its like comparing apples and oranges. Some like apples and some like oranges.

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