Seeing Honeymoon Travels near NYC


Some friends have expressed dismay as it seems that Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd will not be shown in Manhattan.

One alternative that   people can try (and without driving to get there) is Cineplaza, the large desi cinema in North Bergen, NJ.   This is the one the New York Times wrote about a month or so back.

The cinema manager, Mr. Shah, detailed for me last month the several buses that leave from the Port Authority bus terminal and stop at 31st street and Kennedy  (or JFK) Blvd.

He said that at gate 51 in the Port Authority it’s possible to get at least one of these buses:    125, 127.

(I think he mentioned that 127 stops by McDonald’s, which is about 1 block away from the shopping center.)

For a fun preview of the food you’ll be able to eat when you get there, have a look at this ABC News story.

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  1. Re: the trip to CinePlaza without a car from Manhattan: besides the buses mentioned, you can also take a van service leaving from 41st St just east of 8th Avenue, on the south side of the street. The vans say Paterson on them, that’s their final destination in New Jersey. They go every 10 minutes or so, and it costs $2. Tell the driver you want Kennedy Boulevard.

    It’s 20 minute trip. I enjoyed it.

    Walk in the direction the van was going. You’ll see a shopping center. Towards your right inside the center, you’ll see signs for theatre parking. This is the main way to the theatre – down a ramp on foot, ignoring signs that say “no pedestrians.” Quite seriously, I will take a small flashlight with me just to feel safer walking down next time I go, though nothing at all dangerous happened this time.

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