Seen along Oak Tree Road

Edison/Iselin, New Jersey.    Proof of Indian citizenship or appropriate visa necessary upon arrival (almost).  

Had a very fun day yesterday playing at being housewives with my BFF, the coolest Parsi I know in Inwood, heck, in all of NYC, meandering in and out of shops  ($15 for a Shobhaa De novel!   Chee!), having a late lunch with the whole chaat place to ourselves, stocking up on many varieties of pickle and filmi mags, and getting disapproving looks from some aunties for a post-meal ciggie.

Seen along the way, a sign in an empty lot that said, simply, “Iselin”, with Devanagri script next to it:

and the serendipitous joining of R. K. Narayan and a chain of coffee-and-donut shops:


and then there was the latest edition to the Ganesh team at home:

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