Shame on you, PlanetM


Here it is, late Thursday night.   I’ve just put in a full day at the office, finished a novel I’m reviewing on the way home on the train, spoke to the author for close to an hour for the same article, made some pasta for dinner, chatted on the  phone  while The Celebrity Apprentice wrapped up in the background.   (Well played, Piers and Trace.)

And before turning in, I was in the mood for some light entertainment, some filmi song and dance.   Hey, where’s the stash I brough back from Bombay?   What will it be?   Partner or Jhoom Barabar Jhoom?   Well, I’d seen chunks of JBJ over and over on a long flight a few months ago, so I opt for  ChiChi’s fedora-clad megahit from last year.

After I unwrap  the cellophane, still bearing the Rs 399 sticker from PlanetM in downtown Bombay, where I plunked down a considerable amount of greenbacks on my last trip back, I open the silly cardboard cut-out flaps of the DVD box, and see the hot pink T-series DVD laying there.   I lift it up and – don’t ask me why – flip it over, and I don’t believe it:   the disc is SO scratched and dusty, it looks like it’s been left on the Juhu Tara  Road and driven over by rush hour traffic.

Call me optimistic (anyone who knows how long I endured  through a certain  relationship can attest to that), but, after some gentle cleaning with an appropriate dry cloth, I pop the scarred disc into the tray of my player, hoping beyond hope that it will go.

But, alas  no.  

Shame on you, PlanetM, for selling such damaged merchandise, and/or shame on T-Series for packing such crap to sell to the public.   I’ll be over to see you one of these days.

7 thoughts on “Shame on you, PlanetM

  1. Sorry,

    ChiChi’s song actually is

    ‘It Happens Only in India’

    The word may have changed,
    But the Sarcastic intent remains…

  2. Playing The Devil’s Advocate for my Client PlanetM:

    Arrrreeeyy Madamji,

    When all the guys at PlanetM are Big time Fans of Govinda so how could they stop themselves from watching ‘Partner’ over and over again for about a Million times until the DVD started appearing like it was Run-Over by a Bulldozer…

    So to hide their Tracks they slipped it back into its cover and Conveniently Sold it to a Foreigner…he..he..he…You know how these Indians usually are…Always on a Desperate Hunt to Fleece The Foreigner, especially the one’s carrying the Now Dwindling yet Valuable ‘Dollars’ from Amrica.

    So I will Rest my Case with one of ChiChi’s popular songs…

    ‘This Happens Only in India’

    Praveen…from Incredible India!

  3. Hey Nic,

    Thanks for the tip! Now that you mention it, I think this is the first time I’ve shopped at PlanetM; usually I’ve gone to Rhythm House…

  4. Personally I have never found planetM value for money, so I generally avoid it.

    One piece of advice – whenever u have a dirty CD/DVD , never wipe it with a dry cloth as it would only increase the scratches on the surface.
    Just put the CD in water with detergent for a few minutes and then wash it under running water. this normally removes all dust from the surface and then shake it dry. just ensure that you use the CD/DVD only after it is completely dry. There are other techniques to make scratched CDs/DVDs work but they are a bit complicated. Hope this helps …

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