Sorry, sorry, sorry

Dear friends and visitors…..I’ve broken the cardinal rule of blogging and been away for way too long.   It’s been a rough last few months, sorting out my late Mom’s affairs and also being very tied up at work.

After Christmas and in spite of the many snowy weekends,  I did manage to see Prakash Raj’s Abhiyum Naanum, finally.

And then I was off on the road, in Jakarta at present, Gong Xi Fa Cai, y’all.

Heading west soon.   Bharat Mama here I come.

Meanwhile, how ’bout that Slumdog juggernaut?     Wow.   I loved the film, but I didn’t imagine so many others in the US would too, nor that it would get this far.

Danny Boyle will be on a SAJA Blogtalkradio webcast one minute from now.

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