Save the Date! This Saturday, September 30: Special Bombay premier of Thaang

Amol Palekar’s new film Thaang (The Quest), will have a special premier September 30 at 9.00pm at the INOX Cinema at Nariman Point.

The movie, the  final in his trilogy dealing with sex and relationships,  is about what happens to a marriage when a woman  comes home and finds her husband in a compromising position with another man, and where they go from there.   You can see a short promo here, and movie stills here.

The premier is being hosted by the wonderful Humsafar Trust, who do great outreach and advocacy work for gay men in Bombay and beyond.   (You can read Humsafar Trust’s Ashok Row Kavi’s recent article about Section 377 here.)

Tickets are Rs. 180 and are going fast.

5 thoughts on “Save the Date! This Saturday, September 30: Special Bombay premier of Thaang

  1. JKM, no travel for the short-term future, no. Thanks for the movie tip. Yes, I heard in an interview with him recently t hat the number of Marathi films made a few years ago were in the single digits, but more recently, he was quoting an annual figure in the dozens (maybe even 80, if memory serves).

    Maja, no, I haven’t seen the first two, though I’m curious. My intro to Amol Palekar was through Paheli.

  2. Filmi? Are you travelling? If so, how wonderful for you 🙂

    In a related bit, did you read about Chitra Palekar’s (Amol’s ex-wife) film Maati Mai? It sounds like a very interesting film, and I’m going to keep my eye open for showings. Can’t go wrong with Nandita Das and Atul Kulkarni in the cast! Both Chitra and Amol seem to be keeping Marathi films alive!

  3. Sorry if this is off-topic, but I wanted to recommend 2 other “classic” indian movies for your summer of filmi. They are Anand and Amar Prem, which are my two favorite desi childhood movies. I am not sure of their availability, but if you do run across a VHS copy of either, you certainly will not be disappointed.

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