THAT’S where I know her from!


Happened to catch part of the latest Celebrity Apprentice  this week, and saw this blonde Playboy Playmate who is one of the contestants, and, at first, I  mistook her for Gene Simmons’ wife/girlfriend/POSSLQ, Shannon Tweed, but then it hit me: she’s Brande Roderick, the Baywatch girl  who played Ritesh Deshmukh’s gori wife in Out of Control.

For anyone who missed it, Out of Control is that awful  little 2003 flic set in NY and NJ wherein Ritesh plays a young, innocent, recently arrived  taxi driver who is about to be deported until  a white girl he knows offers to marry him.   Soon after the nuptials, they fall in love.   Then his father (Amrish Puri) back in the Punjab gets him home to marry a local girl (Hrishtaa Bhatt), and they return to the US.   Of course, it all turns into a big mess, and it has the most ridiculous and unbelievable ending.  

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