The South Asian blogosphere and how it is changing the media and more


Update:   If you’d like to listen to the webcast described below, in which I participated earlier today,  you can find a full recording  here:    

Click on the blue player, and you can listen to it right away.  

If you would like to download an MP3, go to , scroll down to the show, then click on “download”

Friends, I’ve been invited by SAJA (the South Asian Journalists Association) to participate in a webcast panel later today.   Anyone, anywhere on planet Earth who has a computer or VOIP or phone can listen in live, and send in  questions.  

Here’s the details from SAJA (check out the illustrious company I’ll be keeping!):

You can join in on the discussion Friday, Sept. 26 11:30 am-12:30 pm New York time (see your local time: ) – live on your computer (or by dialing into 347-324-5991, a NYC number) or listen to an archived recording later:

SEND IN YOUR QUESTIONS – in the comments section of the following post:
or e-mail [email protected] (subject=”webcast”)

As part of the second-anniversary celebrations of, SAJA’s newsy blog, we are hosting an online panel discussion among some of the best-known names in the South Asian blogosphere. They will discuss the state of the blogosphere (South Asian and otherwise) and how it is affecting how news and information about South Asia and the diaspora is gathered and shared.


Sabahat Ashraf (“iFaqeer”); blogger at, contributor to several Pakistani/South Asian and Muslim blogs

Anil Dash, VP and chief evangelist for SixApart (makers of TypePad   and Moveable Type) and one of the earliest (1999!) and most influential bloggers in the world

Karthik, blogger,

Maria Giovanna, blogger and journalist,

Arun Venugopal, editor and founder,; correspondent, WNYC Radio

SEND IN YOUR QUESTIONS – in the comments section of this post:
or e-mail [email protected] (subject=”webcast”)

 (you can go to that link now and set an e-mail reminder for yourself)

 or dial into a NYC number while the show is live: 347-324-5991 (you can just
 listen or ask our speakers a question or use the live chatroom).

As always, you are welcome to quote from anything said during the FREE, WORLDWIDE webcasts at

You can listen live via the web at
or by calling into a NY phone number: 347-324-5991. You can ask
questions via an online chatroom or live on the air, via the phone
(you can call from a landline, cell, or VOIP).

As soon as the event is over, you will be able to access – at – a recording of the proceedings.
This is also available as an downloadable MP3 file for your personal
collection. [If you want to subscribe to this as a podcast on iTunes,
go to “Advanced” within iTunes, then select “Subscribe to podcast” and
type and hit OK.]

2 thoughts on “The South Asian blogosphere and how it is changing the media and more

  1. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks, good of you to visit. And thanks for sharing the link; I took a quick look at it when you posted it in the chat area during the panel, and it looks interesting.

    I’ll check out the October issue too; it’s been a while since I let my subscription lapse.


  2. Maria,

    I listened to your blogosphere discussion this morning re SAJA forum. It was an interesting conversation.

    Here is a film and SA-related item that appears on (and promotes a story that appears in our October issue) in case you’re interested:

    I didn’t know that Sree did these online forums…glad to have discovered your blog this way!


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