They’re baaaaaaack


…well, in April anyway.   April 25th, to be exact.  

(Except if you’re attending the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Tejas, where it will screen on March 8, or the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, where it will be shown on March 15.)

But in the meantime, there are 2 trailers of the upcoming Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay on the film’s website; one, which  is intended for  viewing by anyone, the other, which requires you to complete a short pop-up form  to attest  to the fact that you’re over 17.  

Much to my own surprise, here’s what I thought about the first H & K flic.

5 thoughts on “They’re baaaaaaack

  1. I may check out a song-and-dance movies.
    Thanks, for the recommendations.

    After reading what I wrote I realized my last note sounds weird. What I meant to say is that you’ve inspired me to stop making excuses and simply learn Spanish.

  2. Hey Vee,

    You sure you want to skip the song-and-dance extravaganzas??

    If really do, two films to come out of the ‘mainstream’ Hindi film industry that don’t have song picturizations are “Black Friday” and “Kabul Express.” I’ve written about both of them here.

  3. This is a must-see film for me, its just a film to relax and turn off my brain.

    I think Kal Penn is great for comedies. I haven’t seen Namesake yet, but intend to soon. John Cho has been popping up in a number of film and television projects for a while. Too bad there aren’t many starring roles out there in mainstream projects, we may never get to see depth from Cho or Penn. That’s another reason why loved the first movie, notwithstanding the cliches, etc.

    Maybe I need to check out a Bollyhood film. Can you recommend one that’s not a musical? I check out some trailers, but never ventured out to actually see one.

    Endnote: Maria, 5 languages!?! Stop making excuses and learn Spanish!

  4. How could this movie not be back? It was great fun the first time around – here’s hoping that they don’t muck up the sequel and carry on the same craziness of the original. And yes, I agree that Kal Penn was much more secure in this movie than he was as Gogol.

    p.s. Some friends of mine called me when the first one came out to really listen to Kumar’s brother’s first name when it is mentioned in the hospital. It was ‘Sanket’ (my name) which marked the first time – Hollywood or Bollywood – that I heard my name mentioned in a movie. My folks would be proud 😉

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