Tonight only: D’Arranged Marriage

You might have seen a story I did over the summer about D’Arranged Marriage and its co-creators, New Zealanders Tarun Mohanbhai and Rajeev Varma.

The show did a run in the Village earlier this year, then Raj and Tarun had a reunion in London, and more recently, Raj took the one-man show to the heart of the desh (Edison, NJ) and it sold out.

Now, for one night only, tonight, Friday, November 20th, Rajeev is going to perform his Kiwi butt off at The Triad on West 72nd Street.   If the turnout is good (e.g. full house) then the show may get a regular run Off-Broadway.

If you’re still making plans for tonight, I urge you to check it out.

Rajeev pours his heart (and all his electrolytes) into the performance, playing over half a dozen characters as he portrays the story of Sanjay Gupta, who dreams of becoming a stand-up comic.

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