Up next: Karan Johar at NYU

The stylish, amiable and chatty filmmaker and television host was scheduled to be present at the conclusion of a screening of Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna  at New York University Saturday evening for a Q & A session.   The event was hosted by Professor Richard Allen of the Cinema Studies Department at NYU.

Camera lights from one of the local desi TV shows outside the door to the auditorium heralded Mr. Johar’s arrival.   Before he took his seat at the front, next to Professor Allen, he removed a heavy black leather jacket with shearling collar, apologizing as he draped it across his chair, saying “Excuse me, it’s so cold outside!”

Notes from the event to follow shortly…

4 thoughts on “Up next: Karan Johar at NYU

  1. Oh God!

    Why and more importantly …why? Why K.Jo of all people—he’s such a jackass. and makes terrible movies on top of that.Pray plz do tell

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