Watering Eyes by SRK

A month back, I mentioned that SRK’s perfume Tiger Eyes would now be available in the US (for sale over the Internet).   Not willing to hand over $50 for a celebrity scent, I wondered what it would smell like.  

Well, a girlfriend has written to me and here’s what she had to say:

“I’m wearing the perfume right now.   It is not worth the $50.   You know how they sell some perfumes at Nordstrom (i.e. Chanel), and other perfumes at Duane Reed and Walgreen’s (i.e. Tommy Hilfiger or Jean Naté)?   Tiger Eyes by SRK falls into the drugstore category.   It has a fresh top note, but no depth, and a very cheap-smelling and overpowering middle note.   There is a lot of alcohol and it takes some time to evaporate, so you can’t tell what the smell is right away.   I liberally sprayed myself this morning, and I am afraid the smell will cling to me for the rest of the day, and my eyes are starting to water.”

4 thoughts on “Watering Eyes by SRK

  1. This is a very worthwhile report – it gets a high public service score. Because I have been wondering about ShahRukh’s Tiger Eyes for some time – enough to look for it on the Internet two or three years ago.

    I look forward to more writing on the subject. I’ll probably buy it anyhow to have the bottle.

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