Why I’m glad I’m not a celeb


Get ready, folks.    In the vein of Frank Sinatra has a Cold, any minute now someone will be publishing Amitabh Bachchan Can’t Move His Bowels.  

Oh wait, the  Times of India has already jumped that shark in this  speculation today about Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s internal workings:

In an attempt of keeping the readers abreast about Amitabh Bachchan’s health we bring to you the latest updates right from the hospital.   The latest is that the doctors have allowed Big B to start consuming fluids from Monday night.

Our inside sources say that Bachchan has not passed stool as yet and that’s why he is being kept under observation in the hospital.   However, once the doctors are completely sure that the medications are working well, they will grant discharge permission.  

Jesumaria, talk about TMI!  

Look, I’m the first to admit that, like many other folks who love fillums and their fillum estars, I too have a certain voyeuristic curiosity about the mundane, and not-so-mundane, details of their lives (e.g. Abhi’s phone, Maddy’s shoes), but this is just beyond the pale.   Chee!

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