Art Malik in NYC

art%20malik%20 %20NHD%202 Art Malik in NYC

Well, on screen at least.  

He was  Hari Kumar in the Beeb’s Jewel in the Crown.    Later he went on to do the best book-on-tape I’ll ever own (The Moor’s Last Sigh), and  since then is almost never seen in anything in the U.S. (let’s not mention that terrorist turn in a certain movie with Aaaahnold the Governator).

Next week, I’ll finally get my Art Malik fix, albeit a small one.   The Indo-American Arts Council’s Film Festival kicks off on Wednesday (more on that very soon), and nestled in there, among 50+ feature and short films, is Pratibha Parmar’s  Nina’s Heavenly Delights.  

The movie promises to be a tale of love set in Glasgow.   One half of the couple is Nina Shah,  the daughter of an Indian restaurant owner, who returns after her father’s death to sort out a lot of things, and participate in a Best of the West curry competition.

NHD%202 Art Malik in NYC  

That‘s an interesting sub-set of the desi community I never thought much about before: Indian – Scots mix.    Like my favorite cold weather aperitif: a glass of Knockando, neat, with some moong dal.

All well and good, but I have one burning question:   does  Art wear  a kilt in this movie?


  1. Like the photo mouseovers. U shud do them always.

  2. I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago, it was in the cinema here. I liked it (despite the lack of kilts ;) ), but I have to echo Poona’s advice – do not watch it if you’re hungry!

  3. filmiholic says:

    Poona, personal kilt-related disappointment aside, this sounds very promising.

    I’ve had a real hard time mustering any genuine enthusiasm for the ABCD movies that have come out in the US in the past 6 years or so, and you’ve really piqued my curiosity now!

  4. Sure, sure, a can definitely dream! ;-)

    Boy, what a wicked line that is….the song title that is :-0


  5. I worked on the film – and sorry folks – Art doesn’t wear a kilt. He has a beautiful love interest – the character of “Suman” played by actress Veena Sood.
    A lovely film – so nice to finally see an Asian/Brit film that doesn’t have to be about controlling parents, arranged marriages, and the usual East meets West themes. Perhaps the South Asian film community in the West has finally grown up.
    Prepare however, you shouldn’t see this film on an empty tummy – it will leave you jonesy for a good mouth watering lamb curry!

  6. filmiholic says:

    Ah, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

    Just think, in true Bollywood eshtyle, he could even do an item number….”Kilti ke piche kya hai?”


  7. Art in a kilt….unlikely methinks :-)


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