More than SWATCHes and chocolates

Kamla Bhatt has a very interesting post and links to an article  here about what it’s like to be the residents of a small town  in Switzerland when a  Bollywood  movie crew shows up to  film.  

KANK: Is Amitabh Bachchan holding a WHIP ???

I’m hoping this is just because he’s back from horseback riding in Central Park….

Then again, given what the opening paragraph of a July 10 India Today article said, maybe it’s not:   “…His extra-curricular activities in Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna seem only too innocent in comparison: in one scene when his son, played by Abhishek Bachchan, bangs on the door, the father, a man who likes his women, replies that he is quite tied up.   The camera pans to reveal that it is literally so – with Bachchan’s hands tied to the bedpost with silken scarves.”

Uttar Pradesh on film: Omkara & Bunty aur Babli

Just want to point you to a terrific piece over at The Buddha Smiled, wherein he starts off to do a review of Omkara, but, happily for us, ends up telling us lots about Uttar Pradesh (where Omkara is set and where his family has roots) and taking a side road into last year’s big UP-based film, Bunty aur Babli.  

KANK: To tide us over until Friday

You can see  the making of KANK  posted on YouTube here:

Midnight showings of KANK in NY/NJ?

rani%20kank Midnight showings of KANK in NY/NJ?

When tickets went on sale last week for KANK, I heard rumors that there was going to be a midnight showing on Thursday night at Cineplaza 13 in North Bergen, NJ, on  six of their screens, but since then cannot get anyone at the theater to confirm or deny that.   (Good luck getting through by phone.   No one answers and the two voicemail boxes the recording directs  callers to are full.)

I checked with the the ImaginAsian theater if they are planning a midnight show and was told the following by Dylan Marchetti, Director for ImaginAsian’s Programming and Acquisitions:

“At this point we are not planning to do this, due to the  length of the film (203 minutes with intermission).   Plus, due to print security, we can’t guarantee we’ll get the print in time to do  a test run.   We always  run through it before we show it to the public to make sure everything’s perfect.”

Update (5.40pm):   A female staffer at Cineplaza 13 has just confirmed that there will not be any midnight shows at their theater this Thursday night.

So, it looks like  the press screening Thursday night in Manhattan  will  be the only  opportunity for KANK  dekho, by invitation only.  

Further update (Tuesday 8.30am): Mr. Vijay Shah, owner of Cineplaza 13, explained in an email sent last night: “The producer has refused to permit any shows on Thursday.”

Dhoom 2 sneak peek at KANK this week

dhoom%202,%202 Dhoom 2 sneak peek at KANK this week

NDTV is reporting that the trailer for Dhoom 2 will debut at this week’s big KANK release.