But will anyone change the spelling of a name?

Rediff reports that AB 2.0 and the glacial Miss Ash  –  Bachchans père et mère too –  have been to see a particular astrologer several times while filming Guru, and word has been leaked that the World’s Most Beautiful Couple will tie the knot in 2007.

All well and good, but I want to know if either half of the power duo  will have to change the spelling of  his or her  name.   (A particular favorite topic of mine to harp on, as well as yer man in Bombay, Manish.)

The mind boggles at the possibilities….Aishwarya Rye….Abeeshek…..  Ashwarrior… Ashworrier…Abhisheik….

7 thoughts on “But will anyone change the spelling of a name?

  1. Ameet, yes I had read that somewhere (the father’s autobiography perhaps). Ash Srivastava doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue…

    Maja, and our favorite manglik is now all of 33 years of age. I wonder if there’s any parental pressure to tie the knot at that age when you’re The World’s Most Beautiful Woman and also rolling in (your own) money?

  2. *sob*
    Well, it’s 1 November now and still no marriage announcements, despite what the Swami said in that article, so I think I’ll just stay in denial for a while longer 😉

  3. By the way, did you know that the real family name of the Big B clan is Srivastava and not Bacchan? Bacchan is the colloquial name for ‘child’ in Uttar Pradesh, where the family hails from and was used by Big B’s father as his ‘nom de plume’. Wonder if Ash Srivastava messes up the numerlogy?
    Also, if this fling goes phut, maybe Miz Rai will become AshTrai. Lol, I’m getting naughty – did you think of AshShake (pronounced as – leave it to ur imagination).

  4. Beth, Babasko, “Abhorya” and “Abshook”, two I hadn’t thought of. And have you seen the headband AB 2.0 was wearing at the book launch of the Making of Umrao Jaan? Ick.

    SS, thanks for stopping by, and for the tip. I’d heard of it before, but no one had lobbied for it as a must’see. Duly noted.

  5. Hey thr.. first timer here… very nice blog.. i was going thru ur list of hindi movies.. and I found one name missing in thr.. The best comedy movie made in hindi.. Andaz Apna Apna… u simply gotta see it… period 🙂

  6. ROFL. thanx Filmiholic. I really think the only auspicious way is to write the wedding invitations for Ashworrier and Abshook (only as far as I can interpret the planets and stars though…)

  7. I wonder if there’s a way to get “abhor ya” in there somehow? Not that I abhor either (admittedly, I’m quite fond of both)….just can’t pass up the jokey.

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