Tum? Yahaan??

  Finally got around to watching Ang Lee’s Shanghai-based period film Lust, Caution, and who  should appear – close to the end of the film –  as the protagonist cautiously enters Chandni Chowk Jewellers, but hamara Anupam Kher, seated behind a desk, as the jeweller/owner Mr. Said Khalid Uddin. It’s a small role, he only […]

Bollywood Back in North Bergen

Good news, filmi fans:   Hindi movies have returned to the Columbia Park Stadium 12 cinema in North Bergen. One year ago ejackly  I was lamenting the former Cineplaza cinema’s  disappearance as one by-product of an enthusiastic real estate move.   But oh, how the murukku crumbles…… The very same cinema has returned to the […]

Playing by Melanie Abrams

My review of Melanie Abrams first novel, Playing, has just run in Mint. There, Abrams talks about what it’s like to write a novel that contains heavy  dollops of S&M and an Indian character who figures prominently in that story line, when you happen to be married to a well known Indian literary figure – […]