Separated at birth?

Musing on a connection between the Spanish guitarist

Paco de Lucia

…and the Indian director

Sudhir Mishra

7 thoughts on “Separated at birth?

  1. Jaane Tu… is a shameless copy of the 1999 Malayalam film “Niram”. It’s not an acknowledged ‘remake’. Aamir Khan & Abbas Tyrewallah have raked in loads of money whilst ignoring the original writer (Dr. Iqbal K) and director (Kamal).

  2. I thought Aamir was great, very suspenseful, and yes, finally got to see JTYJN on Sunday, liked it much more than I thought I would, even with the positive reviews.

  3. Oh! That sounds ominous:)

    How did you like Aamir?.The reviews were pretty positive if I remember correctly.Did you finally get to see JTYJN?

  4. Joseph, it’s a terribly silly comedy caper starring Paresh Rawal, Tusshar Kapoor and SunIel Shetty all as men named Laxminarayan. One is an underwear salesman, the other a wannabe bhai, and the last a total yes-man corporate type. I actually laughed out loud once or twice in spite of myself.

  5. what’s 1-2-3?

    JTYJN is good but the first quarter of the film is pretty annoying especially the ‘Hum-Tum’ style tale-telling is quite arduous.There are some lovely moments in the film that make it worthwhile in the end.

  6. That’s my choice to see this weekend too. I’m not big on scifi anyway, but add to that how silly Love Story 2050 looks, I just can’t drag myself to it.

    NDTV’s Picture This gave Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na a good review.

    I watched a double feature last night of Aamir and 1-2-3 (how’s that for polar opposites!)

  7. This isn’t the right place but:

    O.K so I watched ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ last night @LOWES virgin 17 on park! The first 45 Mins are quite painful if you ask me, but the movie got much better very quickly and by the end I’d smiled so much my jaw actually hurt! Waiting for your review! The songs were even more awesome in the actual Movie.

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