Playing by Melanie Abrams

My review of Melanie Abrams first novel, Playing, has just run in Mint.

There, Abrams talks about what it’s like to write a novel that contains heavy  dollops of S&M and an Indian character who figures prominently in that story line, when you happen to be married to a well known Indian literary figure – Vikram Chandra –  and also married into a very filmi family.

Abrams and Chandra welcomed their first child, daughter Leela Sidney Chandra, into the world on May 6.   More on Abrams filmi details here.


2 thoughts on “Playing by Melanie Abrams

  1. Hi Joseph,

    If you click on “My review” at the start of the post it takes you to the story, which was a review with some quotes from an interview I did with her.

    On the site, I believe it’s been up as long as the paper has been in existence (Feb 2007).

  2. I didn’t see the actual review just a Q&A w/Ms. Abrams?! Is livemint a new website ?

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