All I want for Ganesh Chaturthi is a GSASD*


* Generic South Asian Street Dog

You know the ones, they’re all over the roads and lanes, and even pop up in the background of films.  

They bear a slight resemblance to  the basenji, with a curl in the tail, almond-shaped eyes and the appearance of a constant smile.   Hopefully one day soon Chirodeep Chaudhuri will do a series on them.

Having unexpectedly fallen in love this spring with a scrawny,  underfed  kitten in Thailand and managed, without too much stress (or so it seems now), to DDLJ  her safely home, I’m dreaming of the day when I’ll be able to go back to Bombay and find a canine sibling for our little family.

In the meantime, NDTV has this story about Charlie of Bangalore.

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