Fresh air and sunlight are highly overrated


The weather is still warm and the leaves have not yet started to fall, but I feel a premature hibernation coming on.   (That, or a very full DVR!)

Just signed up for  Directv’s HindiDirect package, which includes Star One, Star Plus, Star News, NDTV, MTV Desi and DD.   (Not my girl  DesiDancer, but rather, Doordarshan).

On right now on NDTV, the parody Filter Coffee with Amma with special guest puppet SRK.

9 thoughts on “Fresh air and sunlight are highly overrated

  1. un saludo especial para todo BOLLYWOOD desde LIMA-PERU
    BYE 🙂

  2. The few I listened to were pretty good. I was surprised that the man interviewing SRK actually asked him about Anil Kapoor’s jole at the IIFA in Dubai (where he said he’d like to see a Bollywood remake of Brokeback Mountain starring SRK and Karan Johar), which suprised me, ‘cos these guys usually really softball the questions.

    They have podcasts on non-filmi matters too.

  3. oh, really? i’d never got into this podcast stuff since now i am working in the place i am living which no long train journeys any more. one exception are kamlas podcast, the other are the ones of pablo and raj.

  4. Ok, doston, maybe not SO much reason to be jealous. One channel runs a LOT of soap operas (which I’m not into, though I did see Kulbulshan Karbanda with his own real grey hair, for a change), and the 2 news channels are like the CNN headline news you get in your hotel rooms (a lot of repetition), though with the Hindi news channel that’s actually helpful.

    Woke up this morning to find a Nana Patekar movie on DD.

    I think Star just ran RDB last weekend and this weekend it’s Main Hoon Na, so the movies will be fun, but no subtitles of course. Later this month they’re running Bluffmaster and Apaharan, both films that I already own.

    If they offered a package with European channels as well I think my head would just explode.

    By the way, did you guys know that CNN-IBN offers podcasts now? I listened to the SRK and Bipasha Basu interviews on the train this morning, I guess Abhi’s for the ride home.

  5. Oh “tries to fight off jealousy in vain” Thats so what I always wanted, but no such offers here 🙁 I see a lot of sick days coming up. In fact don´t you look a little palish today? Might be better if you stayed home. Huh?

  6. jep. but lets look if someday galattas online service is really working (until today not for me and my mac), perhaps thats some solution. we’ll see 🙂

  7. sorry to hear that, Michael, but at least there’s a lot of stuff out there streaming (e.g. CNN-IBN, etc) too

    there’s a lot of soap operas on one of the channels, but the rest of it is pretty neat, and best part, they leave the Indian ads in

    now if they’d just get another Kaun Banega and KwK running….

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