Arjun Mathur talking about Bombay Movie, Fireflies and more

Alex Eaton & Arjun Mathur

Tell me about Bombay Movie

AM:  There’s a film I did called Barah Anna, and Alex (Eaton) was, well, I thought she was just shooting the making of, and three years later I learned that she’s made a documentary film on it.  I’m so excited.  It gives an insight into the process that goes into making independent film in India, which is not easy at all.  So I’m excited to see how she’s captured it.  Barah Anna is a special film for me, it’s one of the films that I’ve done that’s closest to my heart, so I’m happy for this film.

And talk a little bit about the other film you’re connected to at NYIFF this year, which is Fireflies

AM: Fireflies has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  In fact, when Fireflies first came my way, I was going through a very rough emotional, personal patch, and I was in no shape to work at the time.  I told Sabal that in our first meeting, and I think that’s exactly why he cast me.  And through the film, I wasn’t acting, every day on set I was going through a catharsis honestly, and I think it shows… let’s see what everyone else thinks.

You’ve done some work behind the camera as well…Bunty aur Babli, Rang De Basanti

AM: I have yeah….. I was doing continuity on Bunty aur Babli….in fact I’ll share something with you…. Dev Makhija whose the director of Oonga was my First AD on that film.

What’s coming up next for you?

AM: Other than Fireflies, I have three other films that are ready.  Two of them are independents, so we’ll have to see what festivals they go to and when they release in India.  One of them, the more commercial, is called Ankur Arora Murder Case.  That releases on June 14th, and it’s produced by Vikram Bhatt, it has me, KayKay Menon.  It’s got strong performers, good story, it should be nice.

And the other two?

AM: One is called Couching Tiger Mannu.  It’s about a young Delhi boy who discovers couch-surfing, then his only aim in life is to get some white women to come and live in his house.  And then there’s a film tentatively called Coffee Bloom, again a fantastic relationship drama, beautiful script, so I’m excited.

And any theater at the moment?

AM: No, no theater, it takes a lot of time and commitment and doesn’t pay enough.  I would love to come and do some theater here maybe. I’d love to do a Broadway musical, I’m waving my arms and legs for it.

Monsoon Wedding is coming to Broadway….

AM:  Apparently.  Mira gave me my break actually in Migration, so I’ve asked her already “When that comes you have to let me audition.”

Note: Bombay Movie screened at NYIFF on May 1st and Fireflies on May 2nd.

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