Monica Dogra: My heart broke a little when Fireflies ended


Tell me about working on Fireflies

MD: Fireflies was one of those dream projects where literally there was so much synchronicity and so much energy between everyone, from the spot boys – which is what they call them in India – to the actors, and when it ended, my heart broke a little because I didn’t want the experience to end.  And I think that will show in how visually beautiful the film is and how sensitive it is in every which way.

And what else do you have coming up?

MD: I’m in a really unique position where I’m not really mainstream, I have no real desire to be a star, so I just wait for the right things and people. Also, as an actor, I think you have very little control over how the film ends up being, so I just want to work with people that I think are worth working with and whose hearts are in the right place, and Sabal’s one of them.

Every role I play I want to be very different from every other role.  Next I’m gonna be a “pretty girl” who’s kind of neurotic and crazy, and that’s cool ‘cos I’m not that way in real life, I’m very laid back.

Note: Fireflies screened on May 2nd at this year’s NYIFF.  It’s directed by Sabal Shekhawat and stars Monica Dogra, Arjun Mathur and Rahul Khanna.

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  1. What a great little piece! I feel exactly the same way about the film as lovely Ms. D.

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