Govinda and SRK at home

My home, that is.


The  dentally endowed  Virar ka Chokra and the fetching Raveena greet me  upon  exiting  the shower every morning.

Meanwhile, Malli plays “Where’s Waldo?”, searching for an elusive NASA project manager  on the Charanpur Mail.   (Psst, Malli, look for the FedEx envelope.)

3 thoughts on “Govinda and SRK at home

  1. Ha ha! It is the slingshot poster! The Mrityudand poster has a fiery explosion in the background, the bad guy covered in blood and Madhuri wielding a smoking rifle, so perhaps the slingshot is rather tame in comparison. They are good conversation-starters …

  2. Thanks! The Dulhe Raja actually came as a set.

    The other Swades poster they had was the shot of him in the boat with all the people, and I sometimes think I like it better, with so much uncluttered blue….

    HAHK in your office?? Surely it’s not the one with the slingshot?

  3. Beautiful posters! I like the Swades one particularly and I’m not even a fan of SRK. I have posters in my office: Mrityudand, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, and HAHK, but none at home… yet!

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