Emosanal atyachar waiting for Dev D

My local movie  guy promised me he’d be getting in the DVD of Dev D this weekend, and I hope he’s a man of his word, because I’m salivating at the prospect of seeing the flic a second time, but also ingesting a whole additional two hours ( ! ) of  the accompanying  DVD, containing the “making of” feature, which we know will not contain the usual gauzy platitudes like “Meera character  bohut simple lakdi hai” and “Iss picture kuch alag hai” and that ol’ chesnut “We all just had so much fun making this film.”  

If you haven’t caught this brilliant Kashyap opus yet when it was in very limited release in the US, get thee to the DVDwallah now.  

And on the subject of NYC’s latest arrival,  I see that  one Phoenix Adlabs cinema in NJ is carrying Manorama Six Feet Under, a film that many point to as the place where Abhay Deol’s work started getting him noticed.

3 thoughts on “Emosanal atyachar waiting for Dev D

  1. i got my dev d through netflix. they have every movie u can think of in every language u can think of and for 8.99 a month u can watch em all.

    happy customer.

  2. So, did you get your DVD? I haven’t seen the film yet, but the trailers look brilliant and the music is fantastic, so I’m desperate to get my hands on the DVD…

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