Kapoor’s Five Films

Here are a few questions that didn’t make it into the Khabar interview, in the interest of space, as well as Anil Kapoor’s list of his own films he’d recommend for  those unfamiliar with  his work:

I had to ask you also about Salaam-E-Ishq.   Perhaps it didn’t get the box office results that everyone hoped for.   But I liked your role particularly.   You were very vulnerable.   And you shaved your mustache.   Was that a big deal for you?

Yes, it is always a big deal for me, especially for my family.   They just hate me when I shave off my mustache.   Can’t bear it.

Do you feel that way also, you prefer yourself with it?

Yes, I prefer myself with a mustache, yes.

Did the director have to an awful lot of cajoling in order to convince you that it’s worth it for the role.

No, no, because if the role demanded it, so I did it.

So, this is a little bit like nudity for actresses, I guess.

Absolutely, yes.   For me, it is worse than that.

If Americans were to say to you, let’s say, they’ve got their Netflix subscription and they’ve seen you in Slumdog and they’re curious to know what else you’ve done.   What five of your movies would you point people to who have never seen your work before?   After Slumdog Millionaire, what would you say?

I would want the Americans to see Virasat.   I want them to see My Wife’s Murder.   I want them to see Tashan.   I want them to see Eashwar.   And I want them to see No Entry.

Tell me why you included Tashan?   What is it about it that you think it deserves to be in that list of five?

Tashan, because I am completely different form all the other films which I have done in my career.   And it had an attitude, you know, the whole film, everybody had an attitude, the director had an attitude the way he directed the film.   There was a lot of attitude and it was done with a lot of conviction, the whole attitude.

Unfortunately Tashan didn’t do as you hoped in the box office but I thought it was fantastic.   And a lot of friends that I have spoken to in India also really enjoyed it.   And your role was really something.

I met a few people yesterday and they also said they saw Tashan and they loved my work in the film.

Were you very disappointed that Tashan didn’t do as well as it seemed it was going to, with the star cast and all?

Yes, I was disappointed, yes.

Do you think maybe it will be one of these movies that, in another five or 10 years people will look at it with different eyes?


End note: Just in time for Slumdog‘s DVD release, Kapoor was a guest on Martha Stewart’s show today, and together they made black daal.   Here’s the recipe.

2 thoughts on “Kapoor’s Five Films

  1. Wow, what a terrible list he chose.

    No Mr. India? No 1942?

    And he chose No Entry, My Wife’s Murder and Tasshan?

    Well, at least he did not choose Yuvvraj.

  2. How I envy you! I just love Anil Kapoor! Though gotta disagree with him on his own best work – at least, I just couldn’t bear My Wife’s Murder or No Entry because they felt so misogynistic. I think he’s mentioned himself that his wife didn’t particularly care for My Wife’s Murder.

    Would replace those two recommendations with Nayak and Mr. India.

    Maybe he doesn’t trust the Bollywood virgin to fully comprehend the glories of the gloriously glorious Ram Lakhan and superlatively super Tezaab.

    Could you still squeeze in another question to him by e-mail/phone? I want to know when he’s going to make the Raj Kapoor biopic!

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