Friday night in NY: Punching at the Sun


Director Tanuj Chopra’s touching drama about Elmhurst-based teenager Mameet’s loss of his brother at a  robbery in the family’s convenience store  will be screened this Friday night (February 2nd) at the Museum of the Moving Image, located just over the 59th street bridge in Astoria.      

The movie starts at 7.30pm and there’ll be a discussion with the director afterward.

If you’re in the NY area, go see it!   In my review here, you’ll see the many reasons why I enjoyed it.

9 thoughts on “Friday night in NY: Punching at the Sun

  1. Hi WD, thanks for your kind words.

    And thanks for pointing that out. I should have indicated there that the article is – at least right now – available only in hard copy. I need to make a notation about that next to the reference. I included the link to the magazine’s website just so people could learn more about it, and see where to subscribe if they were interested.

  2. Hi Maria,
    Love your blog–we’re kindered spirits! Keep up the great work.You write very well.

    I couldn’t get to your article “Ameircan Confession” in the Clips section of your blog from the Indian American Magazine, perhaps you got the link wrong.

  3. filmiholic, thanks so much for asking and finding out. Look, Britain has a massive South Asian community, and it would definitely get an audience, even if only on a festival release, because even though it’s set in America, it touches on themes that people in the Indian diaspora are going through together on both sides of the pond.

  4. Jay, Tanuj tells me that there’s been some discussion about possible screenings, but he’ll advise when there’s something more concrete.

    Maja, in the ads they do look very good together.

  5. I just saw SEI yesterday and it’s really. Very. Long. It’s enjoyable, but in a guilty pleasure kind of way. And I reeeeally like the John-Vidya jodi!

  6. Jay, am trying to find out for you. I actually was speaking with Tanuj Chopra two days back, and he did mention something about distribution, but I don’t think we got so into the nitty gritty.

    Shakila, you’re most welcome. Just to clarify, Punching at the Sun is not filmi like, say, Salaam-e-Ishq (though there is one dream sequence…..). But a good movie is a good movie, and I think this one’s beautifully done, like if you took the She’s-Gotta-Have-It Spike Lee and set him down in Queens to tell this story. Tanuj represents New York’s most multi-ethnic borough well.

    And, much as I find it frustrating, have been amazingly too busy to get to the cinema last week for S-e-I, but will see it in the next day or two and get a review up. I think we’re still getting the loooooooong version, before the 18 minutes was snipped off. (Wow, even for Bollywood, it’s been quite a while since anyone’s done a 3.5 hour movie!)

  7. Maria –

    Really appreciate this info. Do keep us NYers updated on any and all Bollywood-related events around town. Also on a completely different note – I’m really looking forward to your Salaam-E-Ishq review!

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