I can’t help it…

I’ve got wedding fever.

It’s non-stop on Star News and NDTV, the cars driving in and out of Jalsa, the honivallee Mrs. 2.0’s doli arriving, the glimpses of the alternating dark and light green fabric adorning the entryway inside the gates, the strings and strings of lights, even from the Rai family apartment building, yes, from a height of 20 or 30 stories down to the ground, first time I’ve ever seen that.

CNN-IBN has some great pics here.   Check out Ash’s folks’ house (La Mer, la-di-da)  and the flowers around the gate of the Bachchan residence.     Purty……..

And to put just a few grains of namak in the wound,  just learned that a friend was invited, but due to work commitments, is missing at least part of it.

The sangeet is today.   That’s one party I’d like to crash…

Just hope AB 2.0 makes like Hillary, and loses the headband.   Basta ya, m’ijo, please.

15 thoughts on “I can’t help it…

  1. Oh wow ! It was the wedding of the year in India for sure! Disappointing in that we didn’t get a glimpse of the inside proceedings in real time, but am still curious to see Ms. AB 2.0’s outfits during the various ceremonies and the interiors of the wedding scene (women will be women!! :)) )

  2. karisma and abhishek were engaged to be married, the engagement got mysteriously broken off though rumor has it her mother said ab2.0 wasn’t a big enough star to be marrying her

  3. “also, I was surprised by the amount of kapoors who showed up, especially randhir kapoor, i know they’re related by marriage but karisma’s his daughter after all!!”

    Was there something between Karisma and Abhishek?

  4. “honivallee Mrs. 2.0’s…”

    LOL you have got the funniest names for these people

    La Mer is looking fantastic, preity looked great last night, as did swetha bachchan, and amitabh’s outfit was perfectly suited for him, I hope at least 1 picture of the famous 2.0 couple surface from last night, I’m dying to see their outfits

    btw, did you see Uday..hahahahahaha and sikhander kher, those two must be friends considering their style senses

    also, I was surprised by the amount of kapoors who showed up, especially randhir kapoor, i know they’re related by marriage but karisma’s his daughter after all!!

  5. Ha ha, Lisa, busted! 😉

    Hi Babasko, yes, indeed, NDTV has been showing her too, though they did initially include her among those not invited. On the divine Bengali Miss M, given all the gossip magazines speculation about her possibly hoping to be the Bachchan bahu herself, I guessed that it could be awkward to invite her.

    From an etiquette point-of-view, I think this whole wedding guest list (for anyone) must be a potential minefield!

  6. Oh I love this. Hijacking a fantasticly serious Blog to gossip.

    But ladies (and gals) you have a serious lack in your research.

    a) Preity was at least yesterday invited, as she was taking part at the sangeet (there is photo evidence)
    b) it is so very simple as to why Rani isn´t invited. Aish is sooo jealous because Rani and AB2.0 share this terrific on-screen chemistry and so she would not want any potential risky guest anywhere close her husband to be.

  7. Sakshi, ha ha, I’d like to see that! 😉

    Beth, when I left home this morning it was the same stuff over and over, but I’m sure tonight there’ll be more snippets. They were saying that supposedly the procession will go from Prateeksha to Jalsa (the two Bachchan homes), and I’m thinking “Wow, THAT must be a security nightmare!”

    And Maja, yes, in addition to SRK, NDTV was reporting that Rani and Preity are not invited either.

  8. I think the headband is gone and he’s cut his hair (finally!), at least from what I could make out from a short and very blurry videoclip from the ’07 Zee awards.

    And I’ve got wedding fever too! Where’s my invitation?! Must’ve got lost in the mail … 😉 At least I’m in good company, since apparently SRK didn’t wasn’t invited either …

  9. It’s like Princess Di and Charles, except I actually care! Maria, you’ll have to keep those of us without fancy-pants satellite tv updated please please.

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