Sit down and take off your shirt


SRK to Salman, in the last episode of KBC.

What more is there to say?

8 thoughts on “Sit down and take off your shirt

  1. Maja, I totallly agree, some of the questions, when it got to the higher rupee amount did indeed seem too simple, compared to what “real” people get asked when they’re on.

  2. Watched this last night, “Sit down & take off your shirt” was definitely the highlight of the show, but wth was with Katrina’s Lance Armstrong story? Yikes. And is it just me or were some of the questions ridiculously easy? Or am I just being incredibly naive and the whole thing is set up anyway?

  3. Salman and SRK made the show entertaining. Katrina seemed level headed.

    Kareena and Priyanka behaved ridiculously silly and fake!

  4. Who cares what anyone else did once SRK delivered that greeting? That’s the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Maya : I completely disagree. Priyanka and Kareena were the boring bunch whereas Salman and Katrina made it a laugh riot. Cant Kat is airheaded…though she does talk alot.

    And it seems Priyanka can’t get ridd off her Miss. World nataks, the woman is so fake.

  6. I just finished watching this and WOW salman is annoying, I can’t imagine how someone as dignified as aish ever put up with him, katrina’s cute but a bit of an airhead (her whole lance armstrong story made me think that), and kareena and priyanka were good, definatly better than salman and katrina. Priyanka’s voice is just amazing!

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